An international publisher with a well-established market in the USA for foreign rights, CW Daniels needs production services on a daily basis.

This may involve complete projects or some form of jobbing, sales material or point of sale to support marketing operations.

BPC provides a project management team that can handle queries, buy competitively, and supervise titles according to schedules, however tight.

Many publishing houses simply do not want to develop departments to carry out roles which can be outsourced. This is true for any organisation where the tasks may be sporadic in terms of demand and the expertise not easily acquired internally.

CW Daniels is able to concentrate on the publishing of titles including marketing, sales and foreign rights, secure in a relationship which gives complementary skills.

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Ian Miller - Director from The CW Daniel Company Limited said:

I still think that using BPC is like having my own production department but without having to pay it a salary, feed it, house it, allow it time off for holidays and listen to all its problems. And what's more, a production department with all the latest gadgetry and technical know-how at its fingertips, with a massive buying power and clout with all the printers, and entirely staffed by beautiful women. BPC is a small publisher's dream come true.