Having acquired a B.A. in Psychology, Colin Walsh was an actor, as Colin West, for three years. World shattering parts included being a monster in a Dr Who episode, as a Dominator (yes, type casting). Cold porridge was poured over his head and fried with a hair dryer, even that not qualifying for an Oscar. 

So the joy of meeting Frankie Howard, Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Scott Walker, Alain Delon and Marianne Faithfull was somewhat tinted by the feeling that cold porridge did not promise a bright career. Joining the small workforce of the Spectator under the then editor, Nigel Lawson, meant throwing six course publishers’ lunches three times a week before joining Cambridge University Press in 1970. Book Production Consultants was founded in 1973 with Tony Littlechild and capital of £50 between them. That wasn’t exactly a fortune even then, and no help was to be found from banks or governments of whatever flavour.

The author and collaborator of some ten books, he acted as a consultant to many publishing houses and retail groups. Retired now, still a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, Fellow of IP3 (Institutes of Paper, Printing and Publishing), Society of Authors, Royal Literature Society. A past Member of the Careers Service Syndicate for the University of Cambridge,  of Employment Tribunals for 25 years, Colin still retains a particular interest in the development of publishing careers and is an avid supporter of the MA in Publishing course at Anglia Ruskin University.

An Honorary Degree was awarded by Anglia Ruskin University which came in jolly handy for getting upgrades on airlines and some waiting lists.